Kegels - The Secret To Harder Erections Stronger Orgasms?

What, next we’ll be saying they can cure cancer too, right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

But have you ever wished your erections were reliably harder? Not that you can’t get it up, but you just wish it was like it used to be when you were in high school and it felt like you could smash down a castle wall with your dick?

Other than just that famous blue pill, there are certain exercises, food, and supplements that can help get you rock hard, not to mention the orgasm control.

In this article, we’re going to talk about one particular exercise. Why an exercise? Because it's free. Who could turn that down?

So what is this secret exercise?


Doing Kegels For Just 1 Month Can Get You Massively Harder Erections and More Powerful Orgasm Control


What Are Kegels?

If you don’t know, Google it.


How Many and Which Ones Did You Do?

The exact protocol of Kegel exercises you do doesn’t really matter.

You can do 1-second flexes, 5-second holds, and 1 flex for as long as you can hold it. You can change reps, sets, time of day, and every other variable.

The only thing that needs to be consistent over the month IS that you be consistent.

So, just make sure you do 2-5 minutes EVERY day.


Any Other Tips?

The secret to Kegels is resistance.

If your bicep muscle atrophied, you could probably get back some good strength gains from just flexing your arm… for about a week.

After that, you NEED to add resistance.

The same principle applies to Kegels.

You have to add weight with shampoo bottles in the shower, towels after the shower, or whatever else works for you.


Ok, What Will It REALLY Do?

Kegels are not going to change your sex life forever.

But your erections will get noticeably harder after just a couple weeks of consistency.

It will also be MUCH easier to delay ejaculation and to go longer.

The confidence boost alone from knowing you have peak dick fitness is worth the effort.



If you want to get harder erections or you want to last longer, do Kegels.

They work.

Do them in the shower, do them in the car, on the train, just do them.

After a short time of consistent work, you will notice results.


And after you get a strong cock, get yourself some Holy Grail of Volume to give those new muscles some volume to pump out, and you and your partner will be very, very happy.

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