The Secret to Huge Semen Volume Increases

So You Want More Volume?

Well, of course you do. What man would say no?

Complicated science aside, most men agree that the more they ejaculate, the better the sensation of orgasm and the more their partners are satisfied.

So the REAL question is - how do you get more volume?

There are countless pills marketed out there, so where do you start? What is actually proven to work?

This is a point of interest for many men, myself, included, and it led to a lot of self-testing.

I found that it's true that Kegels can generate a more intense orgasm, but they have little effect on volume.

Next, I started trying supplements.

This took a long time but my experiments and those of many others (available online) have produced pretty conclusive results.

Some supplements can help increase the volume of your seminal fluid.

Here is a list of some supplements that can help you.

3 Supplements That Increase Semen Volume

1. Lecithin

  • Dose: 1200mg taken 1 time daily
  • Increased Volume: YES, large increase
  • Negative Side-effects: None

Notes: MUCH bigger loads, this seems to be the key ingredient for increasing ejaculate volume.

2. Pygeum

  • Dose: 100mg taken 2 times daily
  • Increased Volume: Yes
  • Negative Side-effects: None

Notes: a VERY noticeable increase in pre-cum (pre-ejaculate) volume.

3. Zinc

  • Dose: 50mg taken 1 time daily
  • Increased Volume: Yes, small
  • Negative Side-effects: None

Notes: although this seemed to produce only a small increase in volume, it appears to improve erection hardness and overall sexual health.

Supplements That DO NOT Increase Semen Volume

While the three supplements mentioned above have been shown to increase volume, there are many more that are marketed as volume increase solutions that in truth do nothing but cost you money and possibly increase your risk of negative side-effects. These supplements include:

  • Ginseng
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • L-Arginine
  • Maca
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Vitamins (yes, all of them)

These supplements are all expensive because of the marketing hype around them but they produce no noticeable benefit to volume while dishing out a slew of negative side-effects ranging from lightheadedness to nausea.

They may have their place in certain applications (L-Arginine and Maca seem to help erection hardness), but four our goal of increasing volume, they are virtually useless.


Yes, you can dramatically increase your volume using supplements.

Unfourtnaley, the market is oversaturated with over-hyped products that probably do more harm than good, not to mention costing you hundreds of dollars every month for no benefit.

If you want to increase your volume with supplements, you only need Lecithin, Pygeum, and Zinc. These happen to be the ONLY ingredients in the Holy Grail of Volume.

Do This Now:

  1. Get a high-quality source of the three supplements listed above
  2. Be consistent (it takes a few days for the benefits to be realized)

...and you will be very, very happy with the results.

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