Why Is My Semen Yellow?


If your ejaculate is yellow-colored, there is no reason to be worried just yet.

Healthy, normal semen will be greyish white in color with cloudy streaks in it. But it can often temporarily change appearance in color, consistency, etc. depending on a number of factors. Again, no cause for concern. If you notice a change that persists for at least three to four weeks, this may be a sign of a more serious underlying medical issue. There are several factors that can cause yellow semen, read on below to discover the most common causes.


Causes of Yellow Semen


If your semen changed color only temporary, this was probably the cause. A high sulfur diet can lead to a yellow semen color. Foods that could cause discoloration include garlic, onions, cabbage, broccoli, and asparagus. If you notice a yellow color in your semen, try reducing your intake of these foods.



As men get older, it is not uncommon for semen to periodically discolor, especially in contrast to the more clear and white semen of younger men. A temporary discoloration is not cause for concern.


Vitamins and Minerals

Certain vitamins can turn your urine vibrantly yellow (like vitamin B), and your semen is no different. If you’ve recently started taking a new multivitamin, try stopping it and observe if your semen return to a normal color.



Your seminal fluid is produced in your seminal vesicles, an array of long tubes in your genitals. Your sperm and seminal fluid are stored here, and if you have ejaculated recently to flush out the tubes, your semen with get thicker and may change color. again, this is normal.


Any other reason

If you are sure that the cause of your yellow semen is not one of those listed above, seek medical help!

At the Holy Grail of Volume, we want every man to be empowered to deal with any problem they have.

Remember, it’s not weird to want to have more semen volume or better semen flavor, and it’s not wired to have an unpleasant condition, either. What is weird is not dealing with it.

Possible serious causes of discolored semen include a prostate-related issue, symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease, or a kidney and bladder issue. These would be serious issues you need to see a medical professional about. Go do it. Now.




Yellow-colored semen can happen to all men from time to time. Most of the time, yellow discoloration is not at all a cause for concern. Above, we summarized several easily understandable conditions that could be causing discoloration.

Review the list, but if the discoloration persists, get checked out by a physician!

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