Holy Grail Guide: How To Set Up Your Place For Better Sex

When you look at your place what do you see?

Chances are you see a lot of personal stuff, things that you bought that make you feel at home.

That's an easy guess because it is your place.

But what does a woman see when she comes over?

Aside from being a sign of your general interests and personality, what else are you communicating with what’s in your place?

Nothing, right?

This is a missed opportunity because, with a few inexpensive and easy to get items, you can drastically improve how she feels when you bring her over, how comfortable and relaxed she is with you, and how likely she is to sleep with you. And this applies if it's her first time or if she comes over a lot.

Some small changes can drastically help increase your chances of success.

Here is a list of a few items that can help you:


1. Extra USB Charger Cables

Probably not what you were expecting us to recommend first? Well, once she's come over to your place, the key to success is making her feel comfortable. Overtly sexual things are okay every now and then for a romantic night, but you want to focus on making her feel at home with you. One of the ways to do that it to take care of her needs.

Women tend to be on their phones a lot, and they tend to always need to charge their phones.

How convenient that she can do that at your place?


Keep them accessible.

Get the long ones that can reach farther.

Keep them on your bedside table so she has to go into your bedroom to use it.


2. Instax Camera

This camera will be the greatest wingman you ever had. Trust us on this one. Just buy one.

Fact: women like having their picture taken.


The disposable physical photographs will give her comfort that the photos won't exist forever in the cloud and that you’re not going to send copies to your friends or post it online somewhere.

Take one photo, pretend to evaluate it, and then insist that you need to take a second photo to "get a better angle.”

And if she has any ounce of interest in you, she will try to make you a “better” one... and so on and so on.


It’s an easy way to escalate with something fun and innocent to whatever else you want to make of it.


3. Mints

The smell on your breath of whatever you had for dinner is gross. So is morning breath.

Help each other out. It will make things more pleasant for both of you to have some of these around.


Keep them on top of a table or counter so they're accessible.

And put a big bottle of mouthwash on your bathroom counter so it's visible and easily available.


4. Cottonelle Wipes

She’ll appreciate it.

Men don't always know about just how useful these are, but women use them a lot. She'll appreciate it if they're available.


Keep them out and accessible, like on your toilet back.

Also, use them yourself. We'll say one thing: game-changer.


5. Candle or Scent Sticks For Your Bathroom

Nobody wants to smell what just happened in a bathroom.

Candles work.

So do scent diffusers.

Try to avoid the clinical smelling ones that will overpower your entire place, go for scents that are subtle.


Also, pick up a toilet flush cleaner.


6. First-Aid

Make sure you have a bottle of Tylenol or Advil, Tums, Imodium, etc.

These are easy and cheap fixes that can save the day (or night) when you have them but can ruin your chances when you don’t have them.


7. Skincare

Get a bottle of moisturizer.

Buy spray antiperspirant. Why spray? So she can use it too.

Women use these things and will appreciate that you have them.


Also, be sure to have a quality body wash in case she’s going to shower before she leaves.

And again, use it! Make moisturizer part of your regular grooming routine.


8. Drinks

It makes it easier to invite her over for “just one drink” when you have drinks she likes.


Women love the low calorie carbonated and flavoured drinks, like White Claw.

Be sure to have non-alcoholic options too like Perrier or Bubly.

Coke Zero is a classic.

Add some extras like coconut water for the fit chicks.


Pro Tip: Champagne. Having one good bottle of champagne unlocks the GREATEST pickup line of all time for you. Next time things are going well and now you want to invite her over you say, “Hey, I was gifted this nice bottle of champagne (from my boss, client, neighbours, parents, etc.), let’s go to my place and pop it open.”

This has worked EVERY time for us.

Then, as the saying goes, everything is possible once you get her in the room.


9. Food

Everyone gets hungry, especially after a few drinks.

For the same reason that you have drinks she likes to make it easier to invite her over, keep tasty food around so you can “grab a bite” at your place.

Be sure to stock things that don’t spoil easily.


Some good ideas are:

- A box of frozen profiteroles (cream puffs) - these are DEADLY!

- A box of good chocolates or candies.

- Frozen finger food.


10. One Good Throw Blanket

This will single-handedly elevate your Netflix and Chill game to the next level.


When you’re on your couch watching a movie, women usually like to get cozy, especially if they’re wearing evening clothes like a dress or revealing top.


Giving her her own blanket will force a barrier between you.

Having only one means you have to share and get close.


11. Black Book Journal

This will be your secret weapon.

If you only get one of the items from this list, make it this.

Women love ambitious men. It's our most attractive quality.

So, buy a nice journal and start regularly writing down your goals. It doesn't have to be every day, but be intentional about writing down on paper your long term and short term goals. These could be professional goals, financial goals, fitness goals, relationship goals, whatever.

Leave this black book journal somewhere visible in your bedroom. Women are curious about these types of things, and if you leave a girl alone in your room, the second you do, she'll open up the book.

Now, obviously, the first benefit of this essential item is to help you structure your life and be more conscious about your targets, but there's an added, subtle yet noticeable bonus...

Believe us, you'll be very pleasantly surprised how powerful it can be for you. We'll leave it up to you to try it and see what happens...


12. Easily accessible condoms

This should be a no-brainer. Keep condoms in your bedside table or somewhere easily reachable so that you don't have to go run off somewhere and kill the rhythm while you're rummaging around in a bottom drawer.


13. Soft, low lighting

If it was up to her, she'd probably prefer to turn off all the lights in the city before she gets naked. If it was up to you you'd probably like to keep the lights on so you can see her body.

The best of both worlds is a low-set and soft light source.

Candles look like you're trying too hard and should be reserved for only very romantic occasions. They can actually kill the mood sometimes by putting pressure on her to be unnaturally sexy or romantic.

Instead, look for a tabletop lamp with a dimmer switch.

But the best option is to buy one of those salt rock lights. Perfect warm lighting and a conversation piece too.





Yes, your place should be yours, and you shouldn’t put things in there you don’t want, just because you read about it on the internet.


The items listed above are easy and cheap to get, or just involve a little forethought, and will help boost her level of comfort at your place, and lead to more success for you without looking unnatural, forced, or manipulative.


If you can put just a few of these items in your place, you can improve her experience when she comes over to your place.


Remember, she wouldn't come over to your place for no reason but to hang out. She has girlfriends to do that with. If she's coming over to your place, make it as easy as possible for your time together to end well for both of you.

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