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Reviews and Results

Does it work?

Are you just letting other guys taking advantage of proven volume increase?

Here are 31 reasons it will pay for you to get the Holy Grail of Volume formula*:

*individual results vary. we don't include personal information with testimonials out of respect for privacy.

"She said I came like a horse."

"It comes in waves. Big waves."

"I felt like a human SuperSoaker."

"It works. It's amazing. I feel like I'm 18 again."

"I never thought one pill could make such a difference."

"Quantity matters. The more she gets the happier she is. Now, she is very happy."

"I can practically fill a shot glass... it's like a Cadbury cream egg."

"On this you will no joke have a noticeably higher libido and you will shoot thicker, whiter and a lot more. Not to mention your orgasms will be stronger too."

"The results were noticeable after two/three days. I feel more tension before and after ejaculation and am still somewhat hard afterward which is a new experience for me. There is no denying that it increased the amount of cum. Make sure to drink a lot of water. So far no side effects."

"You will shoot literally like Peter North or close to it. The pill worked for me and I want to share this because those other volume increaser pill are f**king scams. Your woman will see you as more virile and almost all will love it."

"Every woman I haven't finished in a condom with feels proud when they see the mess."

"She'll get plenty of jizz and your orgasms will seem like it last forever."

"The Holy Grail of Volume is a good way to go about getting more volume. Your loads will definitely increase."

"Your orgasm will also be more intense."

"Can confirm it works. I date a girl with a cum fetish."

"my loads could stop starvation in Africa."

"There's definitely a lot more than there was."

"Before taking the Holy Grail of Volume my cum would nestle in a small puddle between my wife's tits, maybe 3" in diameter; since I started, the puddle is uniformly large enough that she'd had to get a towel to catch the 'run-off.' I notice more total 'squirts' (as many as seven) and it forms one or two puddles, each visibly larger than the one puddle before."

"When my wife says 'Wow! That's a lot of cum,' it's the truest proof this works... along with the satisfaction I get when I cum all over her smiling face."

"It's spectacular! It's my number one favorite thing!"

"I was VERY sceptical at first but I am a TRUE believer now. I am so glad I found this. You answered my long search!"

"Now, I leak pre-cum like a damn faucet! This stuff definitely works!"

"I also started precumming ALOT, like I would think I had orgasmed already because of the amount of precum."

"Yes, it works. The biggest difference is the amount of precum, which I'm pretty sure is from the pygeum."

"My GF complained that it "felt fake" as I had so much cum it wasn't believable."

"OMG, just came for the first time since starting to take the pill and I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! So good."

"Love the Holy Grail of Volume. Feel like a GOD!"

"Made my load insanely huge. Almost drowned my ex."

"Headshot! In the face! Boom!"

"She wasn't impressed by my size when we started but she was blown away when I came."



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