4 Ways to Increase Ejaculation & Semen Volume

Published 10/29/2022
Updated 1/5/2024

We all have questions about ejaculation volume. Where does it come from? How is it made? Why is it that color? Is something you saw in a porn video realistic?

Well, unlike other sexual attributes like penis size or sexual stamina that can be easily measured with a ruler or the clock and compared with widely studied averages, it’s unlikely that you’ve ever finished in a beaker to get specific about your volume. That means you probably have even more questions. How much is normal? Why is there more or less this time? What’s the average for a guy in my age group?

First, you should know that the amount of semen you ejaculate generally has very little to do with fertility. But every guy knows that more volume means more contractions when you finish, and that means more pleasure, a longer lasting orgasm, and a massive boost in sexual performance.

So do you want more volume? Of course you do. Let us help you take a load off and look at the science behind:

Get ready, there’s a lot to learn here.

What is Seminal Fluid?

Your seminal fluid is made of more than one thing, and remember, your seminal fluid and sperm are different things altogether.

Seminal fluid provides the majority of the volume of your ejaculate and provides the means by which your sperm travel out from your urethra when you reach orgasm and ejaculate. So when you search for how to increase “sperm volume” you really mean how to increase “seminal fluid volume.”

The components of your seminal fluid are produced in different parts of your reproductive system:

  • Your prostate gland produces prostatic fluid, a clear, acidic substance that allows your sperm to be mobile.
  • Your testes produce sperm. Each drop of semen contains millions of sperm, although the sperm themselves make up a tiny percent of your ejaculate volume.
  • Your Cowper’s glands are two pea-sized glands under the prostate which produce a thick, clear mucus prior to ejaculation (sometimes referred to as “pre-cum”) that serves to clear and neutralize the acidity of the urethra prior to ejaculation.
  • Your seminal vesicles also produce fluid, which makes up the majority of the semen you ejaculate (about 50 to 80 percent). This fluid is what gives your semen its whitish color, and it also contains sugar, alkaline fluid and clotting agents which allow your sperm to temporarily survive inside a vagina.

All day long, your prostate, testes, Cowper’s glands, and seminal vesicles are filling your reserves, getting ready for you to ejaculate, and in the afterglow of an orgasm, they get to work re-filling. If you want to increase your semen volume, it’s important to give all of these organs as much help as you can! Read on to find out the proven ways to do that.

How to Increase Seminal Fluid

The first question to ask is why do you want to increase your semen volume? But that’s a no brainer. Although some say wanting more volume is a result of the influence of modern pornography, it’s all too natural to want more volume.

First, humans, and especially men, are visual creatures. Our eyes are hard-wired into our brains in a way unlike many other mammals. All men have experienced how just seeing the right image or catching a glimpse of the right moment can immediately change your physiology, start pumping blood downstairs and change your mood. Well the same is true for your orgasm. Seeing that you can release a visually satisfying load can be a critical part of your satisfaction with your sexual performance, in a very real and noticeable way.

Second, it’s a question of physics. If you’re moving more fluid through the same passage way, it’s going to take longer and more work. And if you’re releasing more seminal fluid with your orgasm, it makes logical sense that it’s going to take additional muscle contractions to pump out that load. Although your satisfaction with your orgasm varies on a number of factors, many men report that additional orgasm contractions can really increase your sexual satisfaction in a big way.

Now that we know more is better, let’s look at the things that you can do that can improve your ejaculate volume.

Don’t Set Yourself Back

While there are things you can do to increase your semen volume, it’s also important to cut out things that can be setting you back and actually reducing your volume.

The main culprit here is smoking cigarettes. In addition to possibly contributing to erectile dysfunction, smoking has been suggested by research to also contribute to a reduction in semen volume.

Several research studies have shown that increasing cigarette use caused a reduction in semen volume at each higher level. But the good news is that these studies also show that there is a “restorative effect” on semen volume for men who smoke less or quit.

Other things to cut out are drugs, deep-fried and overly processed foods.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

As mentioned above, your pelvic floor muscles are what actually do the heavy lifting of ejaculating your seminal fluid. And weak muscles here may be the main cause of your dissatisfying ejaculation, or they could be sabotaging any other gains you make in increasing your load. Luckily, strengthening these muscles is simple and straight-forward through exercise called Kegels. They are easy to do, and you can do them virtually anywhere.

In addition to helping with your volume increase goal, some men have subjectively reported improvements in premature ejaculation, erection hardness, and orgasm intensity after pelvic muscle training.

Read our guide to pelvic floor exercises here, it’s a good training program that you can do in just a few minutes a day.

Eat a Balanced Diet

That brings us to the third tip: eating a balanced diet. Nutritious food is obviously important to all your bodily functions, and your sexual performance is no different.

A healthier diet has been shown to be beneficial to your sperm health specifically and your cardiovascular health too, which is important for blood flow in your reproductive organs. In addition to these known benefits, anecdotal evidence has established relationships between eating a clean nutritious diet and better sexual performance.

But the most important part of your diet for semen volume increase is water. Drink lots of water. Your semen is a fluid, and like your other bodily fluids, the more water you drink the more you have.

The Big One: The Holy Grail of Semen Volume Increase

If you came here looking for a one-stop shop to increase your ejaculation volume once and for all, you came to the right place. Congratulations, you made it through all of the background information above to finally reach the promised land: The Holy Grail of Semen Volume Increase.

The Holy Grail of Semen Volume Increase has been tested and proven by thousands of men to increase semen volume with real world results. It’s a formula of minimum effective doses of pygeum, lecithin, and zinc. These three ingredients work together to stimulate all of the organs involved in the creation of your seminal fluid, giving you a well-rounded and reliable increase in fluid volume.

  • Pygeum stimulates the Cowper’s gland, which produces your “pre-cum.” When taken constantly, men have claimed to “leak like a damn faucet.”
  • Lecithin is a precursor to the substance your seminal vesicles produces. This fluid makes up the main 50 to 80 percent of your volume, and supplementing lecithin has been noticed to contribute to the main volume increase.
  • Zinc is vital to overall male reproductive health, in this case helping with the proper function of the prostate and testes, which produce the essential ingredients of your seminal fluid.

The protocol for unlocking a massive increase in volume is to take the Holy Grail of Semen Volume Increase formula for at least a week, with plenty of water, and wait for the threshold of effect of the ingredients to build up in your system. Once the sufficient concentration is built up, the relevant reproduction organs are supercharged, the threshold is crossed, the semen volume increase initiates rapidly and often dramatically.

If you’re serious about increasing your semen volume, supplementing these ingredients is essential. If you achieve even half the volume boost that some men have reported, you’re going to be very happy, and your partner is going to be very impressed too. The only regret you’re gonna have is that you didn’t start taking the Holy Grail formula sooner.

100% Pure

The Holy Grali of Volume Increase is the only 100% Pure formula of volume increasing ingredients, with no unproven or unsafe fillers.

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The Holy Grail of Volume Increase


The Holy Grali of Volume Increase is the only 100% pure formula of volume increasing ingredients, with no unproven or unsafe fillers.

Does Semen Volume Really Matter?

In addition to the pure satisfaction reported on forums and social media by thousands who are taking the Holy Grail of Volume and shooting huge loads, there is one other important reason to increase your volume: conception.

While semen volume has no effect on overall sperm count, it makes logical sense that the more fluid your sperm have to swim in, the better their odds of making it to an egg.

It’s important to remember though that the aside from semen volume, both sperm health and sperm count play a vital role in conception. If that is your goal, remember to use fertility supplements, and possibly consult with your physician. While less than 5% of men are reported to have infertility issues, and your semen volume is unlikely to be the main cause, it does play a role and since a solution to semen volume increase is known, it makes sense to remove the guess work.

What Is the Normal Volume Amount?

You probably know yourself that your semen volume will vary based on a number o factors. The main factor being the recency of your last ejaculation. But still, what’s normal?

According to studies, a “healthy” ejaculation volume is anything more than 1.5 mL (about the size that would fill a typical plastic bottle cap, or 1.5x the size of a typical sugar cube).

If you’re ejaculating more than that, good job! These same studies say the average range of semen volume that’s ejaculated at orgasm ranges from 1.25mL to 5mL (one teaspoon is exactly 5mL, or just over the size of two pairs of dice).

What Causes Low Semen Volume?

Like we said above, you probably know yourself that your semen volume will vary. But if you notice that you’re constantly ejaculating less than mortal, it could be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Recent previous ejaculations
  • Aging
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Consuming drugs
  • Your overall health
  • Genetic factors
  • A blockage of the genital tract

Recent Ejaculation

The most easily explained cause of low ejaculation volume is having ejaculated recently. Remember, your reproductive organs are working all day to fill your reserves, but after you ejaculate the seminal fluid, it takes time to build up volume again. Recent ejaculation means less volume for the next orgasm.

Getting Older

It’s normal for your semen production to decline as men age. Like most bodily functions in men, semen volume production reaches its height in the 30s and the volume produced gradually declines on a daily basis. Getting older also weakens your body’s muscles, including the pelvic floor muscles. That means it can be even more beneficial to train the Kegel exercises as you age. And, it’s important to give all your organs, especially your reproductive organs, the best tools to work with, like making sure you supplement the essential semen volume increase ingredients.

Other Causes

There are several other causes of lower ejaculation volume, although they are generally less common. If you’ve addressed the issues you can control (lots of water, kegels, and the Holy Grail of Semen Volume Increase formula) and you’re still concerned about your volume, talk to a healthcare provider.

The Summary: How to Increase Semen Volume

Your body’s production of semen volume is based multiple factors, and it’s important to address them all if you want to see a noticeable increase in volume:

  • First, remove the things that could be decreasing your volume like cigarettes.
  • Second, strengthen the muscles that actually shoot your load with kegels
  • Third, drink plenty of water and keep a relatively healthy diet.
  • Fourth, get yourself the Holy Grail of Semen Volume Increase!
  • Lastly, remember that while it looks great and feel even better, more seminal fluid volume isn’t required for a healthy sex life, or if you’re trying to conceive. Don’t stress yourself out about, and just handle the factors that you can control.

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