Master List of Important Semen Supplements

Published 4/14/2023
Updated 1/9/2024

There are a lot of people asking for guidance on which specific supplements to buy to increase semen volume, so we've put together a Master List to help out newbies. We evaluated them based on the ingredients, price, dosage, quality, etc. They've been tested personally and by other guys all over the internet on other forums and blogs, so they have our seal of approval. Lets get straight into it:

  • Zinc and Lecithin are generally regarded as the 2 most important supplements for load size, so first things first:


Zinc Picolinate has been shown to be the least helpful type of zinc, so be sure to avoid it. Zinc Oxide is good, so are Zinc in the Glycinate or Gluconate form. Try to find one in those formats, that's inexpensive, and has a reasonable dose per pill.
Don't take more than 40-50mg per day.


The two most common choices are Soy Lecithin and Sunflower Lecithin, the Soy source is more common than Sunflower and less expensive. Some might feel uncomfortable supplementing with Soy, but the Lecithin supplements are created in a way that anything that might concern you in about a Soy ingredient isn't really present in the supplement anymore.
Lecithin is generally sold as either a powder or capsule, most people will probably prefer the capsules as they're easier to take, but you can try the powder if you'd like to mix it into a smoothie. If you go with the capsules, make sure you get a high quality source as Lecithin capsules can go rancid.

  • Now on to other very well-regarded supplements that also probably deserve a spot on your list:


There are mixed reviews regarding Pygeum as an actual load volume booster. We had rather good results testing with it. So while we recommend it, do your own research on whether to take it or not.
The main benefit of supplementing Pygeum seems to be in the "pre-volume" with many testers claiming a noticeable increase in "pre-cum" volume, rather than in actual main semen load volume.

L-Arginine / L-Citrulline

Again, there are mixed reviews if these ingredeints help with actually boosting the volume of your semen load. Most men report noticing an improved erection, which definitely contributes to orgasm satisfaction, but less so with increasing semen volume.


Some studies suggest a 1,500-3,000mg daily dose of Maca can increase sperm production, however, your sperm has almost nothing to do with the actual volume your ejaculate. Your seminal fluid obviously contains sperm (about 2-5% of it by volume), but that's not what the majority of your volume is made of (and the white stuff is actually secretions from your prostate).
Some men also report better erections or higher sex drive when taking Maca, but it appears to be mostly based on the Placebo Effect of taking an exotic-sounding supplement.

100% Natural &
Effective Ingredients

Nothing is more important to us than the safety and effectiveness of our products. The Holy Grail is made in our fully FDA approved facility in upstate New York and undergoes rigorous quality control inspections. All of our dietary supplements are sourced through our trusted, USA based ingredient suppliers.


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With a blend of pygeum, lecithin and zinc, these cum pills are formulated to massively increase ejaculate and blow your expectations away in the bedroom.

Simply take your daily dose and in less than a week the effect could be up to 2 or even 3.5 times.

The Summary: the Master List of Semen Supplements

We're leaving it here for now, but will continue to work on this list to review more supplements and update the info
Feel free to request other supplements in the if you'd like to know our reviews!
Supplements we're planning to add here in the future: , 

  • Yohimbine
  • Tribulus
  • Lysine
  • Ashwaghanda
  • Horney Goat Weed
  • Swedish Flower Pollen

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